Perhaps the most vital piece to ensuring the success of our band is Volunteerism. The Warhawk Band boasts one of the largest and most dedicated Booster Organizations in the county – and the level of participation and loyalty from our band families is beyond compare.

The magnitude of our program requires that each family continue the tradition of donating time and talent. It is essential that everyone put in volunteer hours that benefit both the individual family and the program as a whole.

Please read below for just a few of the many important ways parents can contribute to making the Band Program great for current students, and for future generations of students to come. Questions? Contact a board member today!

“Doing nothing for others is the undoing of ourselves” –Horace Mann

Water Duty

Each time that students practice in the parking lot or on the field, there is a small team of parents who take shifts in ensuring that the kids have their needs met in a timely manner. As one might imagine, at the top of the list of needs is cold water for their short breaks. Water duty entails a 2 hour shift with 2-3 other parents, checking and refilling each student’s water bottle, passing out fruit, providing basic first aid when needed, and lending encouragement to hot and tired students.

Water Duty is the single best way to get to know the students. It allows you to interact with them, assist them, and gain their trust. Water Duty is the first logical step that new parents should take prior to signing up to chaperone a game, competition, or trip. There will be a manual upon your arrival, and plenty of experienced parents to show you the way.

All families are expected to participate in Water Duty. In the Florida heat, no student would last long without proper hydration and nutrition. The job of caring for them cannot be left to a small handful of parents. Therefore, we require that all families sign up for a minimum of FIVE Water Duty shifts per season. These can be spread over Band Camp and regular season practices.




The Warhawk Band is fortunate to man both concessions stands in Warhawk Stadium. All profits benefit our Band Program, therefore it is our responsibility to fully staff the stands at both JV and Varsity football games, along with our home competitions - Seminole Sound and Seminole Visual.

There are MANY tasks that need to be performed in order to keep Concessions running smoothly and profitably. For Varsity Games, which take place on Friday night home games, it takes approximately 15 parents to adequately staff the two stands, and another 4 parents to grill hamburgers and hot dogs. For JV Games, which take place on Thursday night home games, it takes approximately 6 parents to adequately staff the two stands, and another 2 parents to grill hamburgers and hot dogs. For Seminole Sound and Seminole Visual, it takes an entire village to run the two concessions stands - please watch for those sign ups to be posted as the dates draw nearer - and sign up as many folks as possible! 


Some other facts about working the stands on game nights:

  • About a 3.5 - 4 hour time commitment is needed per shift.
  • Volunteers must be registered and approved with PCSB.
  • Attire is a band shirt (any show shirt, tour shirt, or otherwise is fine!) and closed toe shoes. 
  • No children allowed in concessions stands.


But that's not all - there is a "behind the scenes" requirement, too. Parents must shop, accept deliveries, monitor and order inventory, deal with outside vendors, maintain equipment, and much more. If any parent has a flexible schedule and is able to help with any of these tasks, please email Renee Hall at scottnrenee@yahoo.com.

Concessions is an important part of our Fundraising – and for that reason, needs a steady and dedicated team of volunteers. Please sign up early and often! 




Each time the Warhawk Band gathers to perform or travel, PCSB policy dictates that one Level II Volunteer be present for every ten students. This season, we will move with a minimum of 10 Chaperones, not including staff, uniform moms, or prop/pit crew.

Requirements for Chaperones include the following:

  • Must be a registered volunteer and Level II cleared is preferred.
  • Must volunteer for several shifts on Water Duty prior to chaperoning - this is the best way for students to get to know and trust parents. This is true even of veteran parents - the Freshman students will need to be familiar with you. 
  • Must wear long, khaki pants and purchase and wear a Warhawk Band Polo, with closed toe shoes – each time they chaperone. (For Marching Band Events)
  • Must NOT bring any siblings or other family members along.
  • Must remain with students at ALL times – with NO exceptions – unless there is an emergency AND one of the Head Chaperones is informed.
  • Must put students and their needs ahead of desire to watch other shows, football games, etc. Chaperones are there to tend to the kids – not be spectators.
  • Must be willing and physically able to perform the tasks assigned to them. Chaperones are responsible for filling coolers with ice and water, filling and refilling 6 packs of individual water bottles, preparing and loading water carts, placing and removing bleacher covers, assisting students with concession purchases during third quarter privilege, and being available at all times to handle the needs of the students and staff.
  • Must be flexible and take instruction from Staff and Head Chaperones in the instance that the situation would call for a change of itinerary. 

It takes a patient, caring, and hardworking parent to make a good Chaperone. Trust is key - a student must trust a chaperone before they will approach them with a problem. Chaperones are essentially the "first responders" of the Band world. 




Prop/Pit Crew

At each of the Marching Band's performances, students will need assistance getting larger pieces of equipment on and off of the field. Some equipment is sizeable and heavy - other pieces are smaller and more easily handled. Chaperones will also help with moving equipment - but the need for a dedicated Prop/Pit Crew is very real. The estimation at this point is that Dads will be better suited for Prop/Pit Crew - but there is rooms for a few Moms, too!  


Items that will need to be mobilized this year include but are not limited to:

  • Field Props 
  • 2 Drum Major podiums
  • 2 Speaker Carts (Front Ensemble)
  • Mixer (Front Ensemble)
  • Subwoofer Cart (Front Ensemble)
  • Bass Drum (Front Ensemble)
  • Gong (Front Ensemble)


Requirements for Prop/Pit Crew:

  • Must be registered and approved Volunteers with PCSB.
  • Must wear Band Polo and long khaki pants with closed toe shoes. 
  • Must not bring children.


Pit Instructor will provide direction for all movement of Front Ensemble equipment, and students will assist. Mr. Madrinan will instruct as to the requirements of the Prop - but once it is constructed on the sidelines prior to performance time - the students will take responsibility for its movement.

It would be most beneficial to the flow of the pre-show preparations if the same Crew was made available at each Game and Competiton. However, please do not be discouraged from signing up if you are not able to attend every performance! 





Maintenance & Construction Crew

The Maintenance & Construction Crew is tasked with constructing and maintaining any props, equipment, etc. that are required for the band.  The Crew must work to ensure the safety of all the students, volunteers, and staff with regard to props and equipment. This year, there are several substantial projects that will require teams of parents to execute in a timely manner.

Parents typically use their own tools, and can construct either on school property, or depending on the project - at home. Once the Band Director's "vision" is shared, the M & C Crew will meet to conceptualize, design, build, and decorate - or simply repair and maintain. Talent both in brains and in brawn is helpful - so there is place for everyone on the Maintenance and Construction Crew.




Band Banquet Committee

At the end of each school year, a gala is held to celebrate the accomplishments and successes of the Warhawk Band's eight programs. The Band Banquet is hosted solely by Band Boosters who volunteer their time in order to make the celebration meaningful for students, staff, and parents. 


There is much work leading up to the event, and many hands are needed in order to ensure a smooth and sparkling evening. Volunteers will:

  • Secure location and date
  • Plan menu, decorations, and logistics
  • Communicate with outside vendors (caterer, florist, etc)
  • Promote event and collect money from families
  • Execute event, including set up, clean up, and properly thanking venue for their hospitality