REMINDER - All orders must be turned in by OCTOBER 4th.  Place orders with money or checks payable to SHSBB, in a sealed envelopes and put in the BLUE BOX. Don't forget to check that your form and orders match the money you have collected.  Retain the pink copy and a brochure for reference at product delivery.  40% of the sales you generate go directly into your student's CHARMS account!  Orders will be in before the Thanksgiving Holiday break.

Visit https://www.yankeecandlefundraising.com/store.htm and enter our group number   990004522   to start shopping!   Click on the "Seller Login" button, then fill out the "Sign up to be a seller" form and use our Group Number   990004522  to register.  Sell across the country with the new Mobile App (Yankee Fundraising)!  Items will ship directly to your social contacts when they order.  Sale for online orders ends Dec 31.