Water Duty Coordinator Needed!

Monday begins our regular season rehearsals, which means Monday also begins regular season Water Duty. We all know how important Water Duty is - and we have all committed to work a minimum of 5 shifts per season. But what we also need is someone to coordinate. Responsibilities include:

  • Monitoring Sign Up Genius to make sure all shifts are filled. 
  • Making sure new parents have an experienced parent to show them the ropes. 
  • Checking water carts frequently to be sure all supplies are well stocked and bottles are clean and sanitized.
  • Contacting others to volunteer when spots need filled.

Please contact Kelly DiRoma at bjcmom99@aol.com if you are able to fill this position. Someone must step up and be responsible for this, or all of our students will be jeopardized. Water Duty is a very rewarding job - if you haven't done it - now's your chance! Sign up below for several shifts!