Training opportunities: In order to work at the Trop, you must have completed the following:

1. Centerplate Orientation within the last 2 years, allows you to be a cook or stand worker.

2. In order to be a cashier and serve beer, you must be 18 and also have completed TEAM or TIPS alcohol training, good for 3 years.

Orientation - contact Rebekah, it can be done in about 15 minutes! 

TEAM alcohol training will not be offered free by Centerplate again until June, but they will accept online TIPS training to allow you to work as a cashier if you don't want to wait.

Here is the link to the online T.I.P.S training with instructions. The cost is $40 and the certification is good for 3 years.

Choose the TIPS for Concessions option. Once you get the results via email, forward Kymi or Rebekah the certificate to send to Centerplate.

Kymi Mueller, (727) 612-2728,

Rebekah Moorehead, (727) 385-5233,

ALTERNATES: Students and workers who are not TEAM trained may still sign up as alternates if the stand worker positions are filled. Centerplate has additional opportunities sometimes at other stands that they have offered to allow us to fill!