Tri-M- current members (carry over from last year) will have a meeting on Monday, 11/28 after school at 1:45pm to elect new officers.

Tri-M Inductions are on Tuesday, 11/29 at 6pm, in the Auditorium. The 6th period Jazz Ensemble will be performing for the Tri-M induction.  6th period Jazz Ensemble members are to report at 5:30pm and will be finished about 6:15 and should wear their green band polo and long khaki pants. 

The 4A Academy, Academy for the Advanced Achievement in the Arts, Inductions are on Tuesday, 11/29 at 7:30pm, in the Auditorium.  All students are expected to attend; conflicts should be communicated to Mr. Madrinan.  Guard and Indoor Percussion Students will attend their rehearsals.