Where:  We have tag days set up at the Oakhurst Publix at 9201 Oakhurst Rd, Seminole

When:  This Saturday - July 8th, Sunday July 16th and Sunday August 20th.   

Shifts are available from 9am to 5pm.

What is Tag Day? - Tag day is fundraiser where the students stand out in front of Publix, work two hour shifts and play music or spin guard equipment for donations from patrons of the store.  One chaperone is required per shift. A bucket is usually used for donations.  The money that is earned that day will be divided among the students per the hours they were there for their shift. This is an individual fundraiser and will be applied to their Charms ledger. 

Dress:  The students must wear their green polo shirt or Percussion Jersey and appropriate shorts or pants. Closed toe shoes are a must.

What to bring:  Students should bring their music, instruments, flags, rifles etc. They will be performing during the two hours they are there.  Water is also a good idea, as they will be standing outside during their shifts.

Parents:  We need your help too!  A parent is needed for each shift, so please sign up for a two hour shift at one of our tag days. 

Please contact Danah Veitenthal at 727-475-0427 or warhawkbandmom@gmail.com, with any questions.