Symphonic Band students that will be attending the Universal trip should report to the school at 5:45 AM.  Please have your concert attire (shoes, dress or tux, tie, shirt, socks, cumberbund) as well as your concert shirt in your hand when you board the bus.  You will be responsible for 5 meals, so a suggested amount of money to bring is $75.  Finally, because the movie we will be seeing at Universal Cineplex is rated PG, a refusal form is being made available for parents who do not wish for their child to see the movie.  This attached form only needs to be signed and returned if you DO NOT want your child to see the movie on Friday night.

CHAPERONE STILL NEEDED! We still need one more chaperone for this trip.  Since it is an overnight trip, Chaperones should be Level 2. There is a fee of $250 to cover your park ticket and hotel room. Please contact Jackie Brochman with any questions at

To sign up, please go to