Please remember that every student should bring their own personal water jug/cooler with them to all rehearsals when there is the possibility of being outside.  There are several students who are not bringing water jugs with them to practices regularly, & are relying on the supply of small 6-pack water bottles to keep them hydrated.  Although water volunteers prepare theses 6-pack bottles for each water shift, they are not intended to serve as the primary source of the student’s water.  These bottles get warm faster & take more ice, water & time to keep filled, taking away from resources to keep the personal coolers for the rest of the band (hornline, color guard & percussion) filled sufficiently. 

Also, we recommend that all students bring their water jug pre-filled with ice & water.  When we need to supply the initial fill on student coolers from the limited ice supply at school, it reduces our ability to guarantee we will have enough ice to get through practice, especially on days with longer practice times & hot weather.  Thank you for your support!