State Solo & Ensemble Itinerary

March 30, 2016

**Students and Chaperones should eat prior to arrival at SHS**
8:30 am Quartermaster Report – load instruments into bus bays
9:00 am All Students Report – load buses
9:30 am Depart for Mariner HS - 701 Chiquita Blvd, Cape Coral, FL 33993
12:00 pm Arrival at MHS – unload and assemble instruments
**Snacks at concessions throughout the day – students need money**
1:12 pm First Student Performance
2:30 pm Pack Bus Bays - Bus One: Jazz Big Band Equipment Pack Bus Bays - Bus Two: Woodwind Choir Instruments
3:00 pm Bus One Depart for Sonny’s BBQ - **need money** Mr. Madrinan, Reid, Hauksson, Kuchle, Mullins, Verhunce, Przetocki, & Meyer stay for solos
3:10 pm Bus One Arrival at Sonny’s
3:30 pm Bus Two Depart for Sonny’s BBQ with above musicians
3:40 pm Bus Two Arrival at Sonny’s
5:00 pm Bus One Depart Sonny’s for Cape Coral HS with Jazz Big Band & Volunteers – Chaperones Count Heads
Bus Two Depart Sonny’s for Mariner HS with Woodwind Choir & Volunteers – Chaperones Count Heads

5:10 pm Both Buses Arrive at Respective Destinations, Unload
5:24 pm Woodwind Choir Warm Up @MHS
5:54 pm Woodwind Choir Performance @MHS
6:15 pm Woodwind Choir Load Instruments and Board Bus @MHS
6:30 pm Woodwind Choir Depart Mariner HS for Cape Coral HS
6:40 pm Jazz Big Band Warm-up
7:30 pm Jazz Big Band Performance
8:00 pm Load Bus Bays, Board Buses
8:30 pm Depart Cape Coral HS
**If students are hungry, we will stop for fast food on the way home – need money**
11:00 pm Arrival at SHS if no fast food
12:00 am Arrival at SHS if fast food stop
Mr. Madrinan has met with school administration to clarify their stance on students attending school on Thursday, 3/31. Administration is firm in their stance that students must be present at school on 3/31 – please contact an AP if you have questions regarding this policy. THANKS!