With both the Disney and Orlando trips drawing near, we need to gather parents and students from all groups for mandatory meetings regarding travel. Each student travelling must attend with at least one parent, unless previously excused by Mr. Madrinan. At these meetings, we will discuss itinerary, meals, attire, PCSB rules and regulations, and more. 

There are two meetings - please see below for the one you should attend. If you have a student on both trips, please attend both meetings. 

WIND ENSEMBLE AND JAZZ BIG BAND - Monday, April 3 at 8pm

SYMPHONIC BAND AND JAZZ CLASS - Tuesday, April 11 at 8pm, right after the Booster meeting! Join us for both! 

SPECIAL NOTE:  Both trips present long performance blocks, during which there is no time to have a formal meal. We ask that each family donate either one box/package of individually wrapped snacks, or bottles of water so that the kids will not be hungry throughout the afternoon. Examples of snacks might be fruit snacks, cheese crackers, granola bars, individual bags of chips, etc. Anything that can be put into a bin and eaten on a bus or between performances! Please bring these items with you to your respective meeting - THANKS! 

SUPER SPECIAL NOTE: We still need chaperones for both trips! Each will be a fun weekend that will allow you to spend time with your student and their friends! Since these are both overnight trips, you must be Level 2 to chaperone, and there is a fee to cover your hotel and theme park tickets. If you are interested, please sign up below, or contact Jackie Brochman at jacquelyn.brochman@duke-energy.com with any questions you may have!