Senior Night!



It's so hard to believe that it's time already....Senior Night is upon us! For those who don't know, Senior Night is being held on October 27 at the home football game. It is a special evening during which we honor our Seniors and their families, in appreciation for all that they have contributed to the program during their four years. It includes a special half-time ceremony in which the seniors walk across the field with their families, a reception for them following the game, and small gifts for the seniors. It's a truly great night - but we need your help! 


For Senior Families: Attached is a form that we need each and every senior to complete and turn in to Meg Hall no later than Monday, October 16th. Without this form, your senior will not be announced as they cross the field, so please make sure you get these in on time! Family members walking with seniors should check in at the table next to the ticket booth, and Mom and Dad, you will receive a special token of appreciation at that time! You may sit wherever you wish during the game, but about halfway through the second quarter, an announcement will be made for you to make your way onto the track behind the goal post nearest to the school. When you gather there, someone will meet you to arrange families into alphabetical order. You will be led to the visitors side during half time, and once you cross the field, you will pause for a photo with the esteemed Mr. Madrinan, Dr. Brittain, and other staff members where applicable. You will proceed to the sideline, take a group photo, and then return to the stands to enjoy the game, and of course, the performance of Between Minds after the game! 


For ALL OTHER FAMILIES: We need your help! In order to make this night special for senior families, we do not want them volunteering in concessions, chaperoning, or otherwise working in any capacity! We also need food donations for the reception following the game. These donations should be heavy appetizers or casseroles, along with snacks and drinks. 


This same evening will also be Middle School Night - Middle School students from Seminole Middle and Osceola Middle will be attending and sitting in the stands with our band, and even joining in with some stand tunes. We will also give them a small welcome reception when they arrive, and will need volunteers to help with that as well.  


Please sign up below to volunteer and send in a dish! 


Food Donations & Senior Night Volunteers




Chaperone & Prop/Pit