As you know, schools and activities for Pinellas County have been cancelled for today and so we therefore had to cancel practice. However, many parent volunteers will be up at the school putting in time to prepare for Sound. Luckily we did not have to cancel our Event, this would not have fared well for the band. Also, in light of the storm that is headed up the east coast, we will need to prepare the gymnasium for an indoor, music only show (just in case). This means we need to lay the padding down and cover it with an old guard floor. We need as many parent and student volunteers up at the school at 2:30 pm to help with this. If you are available to help, we will be in and around the gymnasium, come join us!

Because of an even later performance start of 4:45pm, we will be shifting some volunteers as needed on the day of Sound. So if you show up for your shift and find that we may need to put you elsewhere to fill a much needed hole, please be understanding and help us out! 

If you are signed up for a morning shift, you may want to call your Chairperson to find out if they are actually going to be at the school at that time for set up. If you have any questions or concerns about your report time to volunteer, please call the chairperson for the area you are signed up:

Concessions/Renee Hall: 466-8201

Ticket Booth/Stacey Welton: 492-3840

Staging/Chad Ford: 204-8640

Crowd Control—Sarah or Bill: 424-212 / 804-4691

Souvenirs/Angie Justice: 403-1005

We apologize for the confusion about the meals for shifts worked. 1 meal is rewarded to volunteers who work 2 shifts; if you are working 3 shifts you get 2 meals. 1 shift is rewarded with a drink. Meal choices: hamburger, cheeseburger, wally wappa burger, hot dog, or nachos and a drink. Thank you for volunteering!

Sound and Host T-shirts will now be distributed on Saturday morning one hour before practice (8-8:45 am) and after practice (12-12:30pm).  If you need to get a HOST shirt, now would be the time ($7). If you did not pre-order a Seminole Sound shirt, you will have to wait until the shirts go on sale in Souvenirs to buy one for $15. I'm sorry, but we did not purchase enough shirts to cover those who did not pre-order. We ordered enough to sell to spectators during the show.