Seminole Sound Spectacular Day Schedule


9:00 am Rehearsal

11:45 am Run-Through

12:00 pm Students dismissed;  section lunches

1:00 pm Volunteers needed to help Seminole Middle School

2:15 pm SMS performance;  show starts!

6:00 pm Full marching band report time

7:00 pm Uniform Inspection

7:15 pm To warm Up

7:30 pm Section Warm Up

9:30 pm To Stadium

9:35 pm Gate/Holding

9:45 pm Performance

10:00 pm Awards Ceremony

10:30 pm Show over, return to band room for debriefing

10:45 pm Uniform, equipment put away

11:00 pm Each section performs post Seminole Sound clean up tasks

11:15 pm Partaye in the Gym

**At this time, students should make arrangements on pick up time from SHS.