If you haven't signed up yet for our BIGGEST fundraiser of the year, you need to get movin! Seminole Sound is approaching, only 3 weeks away. Get on Sign Up Genius now before all the good spots are taken. We've had a good response, but NOT good enough. We are not even half way there yet. This event brings the most money into the band, which benefits every band families' fair share. If you can, sign up for two shifts. The more volunteers we get, the easier it is for everyone on board. We can't have a successful event if we don't have the volunteers. Invite your spouses and grandparents to volunteer. If they aren't' registered volunteers, we've attached a volunteer form to this email for your convenience. Just make a copy of their license and submit the form to the SHS front office. EVERY family is expected to volunteer in some capacity. There's a position out there for you. Check out the Sign Up, if you need help figuring out what's best for you, email Kim Bernstein @ for help.