Sunday, December 11th

Hornline, Percussion, & Guard To Perform.

4:00 pm          Band Room Open - Get Uniform And Instrument

5:15 pm          Report To SPC/Seminole Rec Center (See Note Below)

TBA                Step Off

7:00 pm          (Approximate) End Of Parade - Pickup At SPC/Seminole Rec Center

8:00 pm          (Approximate) Band Room Closed - Return Instrument By This Time

NOTE: EVERY student must wear illuminated jewelry, decorate their instrument with lights, or wear a lighted Santa Hat, etc. Any student not lit will not be permitted to march. This is a City of Seminole rule, and is enforced by the city officials that will be by to inspect the band prior to step off.  In the past, many students have found supplies at The Dollar Tree.

Students will meet at Rec Center. Recommended parking for students and chaperones is in the north lot near the library.