Have you purchased your Season Tickets yet? They are $15 and gain you access to Seminole Sound on October 8th, Winter concert and Spring Concert. Seminole Sound ticket alone is $15. And the $15 purchase goes directly towards your Fair Share, that's $15 per ticket off your Fair Share. Hopefully you are volunteering for Seminole Sound. If you volunteer during the day or early evening and are still planning to go to the show in the evening, be sure you get your Season Pass to cover the cost of your ticket. Please understand that volunteering DOES NOT mean that you have access to the stands for the show. We have Crowd Control in place for this reason alone. They are in place to check for wristbands. And they are looking for specific colored wristbands to gain access to the stands. This is our biggest fundraiser, and we therefore, must ask for every show patron to purchase a ticket.  Lourdes Pickart has Season Tickets for sale, she is usually at rehearsals every night at pick up time. Call her or text her and let her know that you need tickets and arrange for a pick up time: (727) 455-1612. Get them for yourself, your spouse, grandparents, aunts and uncles. Everyone wants to see the show!