Scrip is fundraising while you shop! This successful fundraising program turns everyday shopping into cash when families use retail gift cards to pay for everyday purchases like gas and groceries, instead of the usual credit/debit cards or cash!

How it Works:

•  Parents create an account on, using the access code B11DA43A14213. This will allow you access to view all participating retailers, and the percentages they offer in return for your purchase.

•  Scrips Coordinator, Lorena LaMee, will be notified that a new family has joined. 

•  Parents will choose whether they would like to order gift cards by mail, and pay with check or cash - or sign up for PrestoPay, which allows families to use debit cards or checking accounts to purchase online immediately.

•  If ordering by mail, parents will send orders to Lorena via email at She will collect funds and deliver cards. 

•  If ordering by PrestoPay, parents will choose accordingly online and enter checking or savings account information.

•  Once complete, user will be notified by email of two small deposits made to the designated checking or savings account. This usually happens within two days.

•  Log into PrestoPay (located on Dashboard at and enter deposit amounts.   

•  Create a unique 4 digit PIN that will secure your account.  

•  A code will be emailed to users, and should be forwarded immediately to Lorena, who will begin the approval process. You will be emailed upon completion of approval.

•  Parents buy retail gift cards at face value from participating retailers - there are over 400 to choose from, including everyday locations such as Winn Dixie, WalMart, Shell Gas Stations, and more.

•  E-cards purchased through PrestoPay can be printed out, or accessed from smartphones to use at participating stores on the spot! 

Time Frame: Year round. 

Benefits: An amount between 1-13% of the face value of the purchase will be credited to each student’s Charms ledger. Going out for dinner and a movie? Purchase e-cards on the fly and get money credited to help towards Fair Share!


Chili's E-card - $50.00 with an 11% rebate.

Regal Cinemas E-Card - $20.00 with an 8% rebate.

A $7.10 credit to Charms for money you would have spent anyway - PRICELESS. 

Questions? Contact Lorena LaMee at (she earned $350 toward her student's Charms ledger in one year!)