Pinellas Park Holiday Parade Itinerary

Saturday, December 12th

 Hornline and Percussion to Perform

4:00 pm          Report to SHS

4:15 pm          Load Truck

4:30 pm          Uniforms

4:45 pm          Half Dress Inspection

5:00 pm          Load Buses

5:15 pm          Depart SHS

5:45 pm          Arrive at Pinellas Park City Hall

TBA                Step Off

9:15 pm          (Approximate) Parade End

8:45 pm          (Approximate) Load Trucks

10:00 pm        (Approximate) Depart Parkside Mall

10:30 pm        (Approximate) Arrive SHS

11:00 pm        (Approximate) Dismissal

NOTE: Please be sure students eat a full meal prior to report time. They should also put a snack in their bag. Students should wear lights and decorate instruments.

It is ESSENTIAL that EVERY student attend rehearsals to learn both music and "drill" - Pinellas Park is a competitive parade and we have an opportunity to win a cash prize!