Level 2 Chaperones still needed for Night at the Rays on Friday, June 23rd. Times are approximately 3-11pm. Link to sign up is:


Dress Code – Band Polo, (new students will receive polo at rehearsal) tucked into khaki pants (no shorts, skirts, or capris - no rolled up pants), closed toe shoes, brown belt.


Students Need - $10-$20 for dinner at Trop concessions, and a signed permission slip turned in prior to June 23. (Permission slip included in forms packet)


Students will be expected to sit together as a band for the game - Rays vs. Orioles.  Friends and family tickets will be in the immediate neighboring section. 


3:00pm           Student Report Time – Quartermasters load instruments to trailer.           

3:45pm           Students load into cars.

4:00pm           Depart SHS

4:45pm           Arrive at Tropicana Field.  Trailer will try to get into Lot 6;  if not, park in

                        Lot 8 (UHaul building).   All hornline students move cases to band trailer

                        now.  Begin unloading. 

5:15pm           Warm Up

6:20pm           Move to Staging

6:30pm           Enter Tropicana Field

6:35pm           Performance

6:40pm           Exit Tropicana Field, load all equipment to band trailer.

                        National Anthem small group to holding.

7:00pm           Small group performs national anthem.

7:05pm           Small group exits and joins marching band in Lot 6. Group picture, store

                        equipment in band trailer.

7:30pm           Re-enter Tropicana Field

7:15pm           Students dismissed from seats in groups to eat dinner – ALL STUDENTS 

                      MUST REMAIN INSIDE THE TROP AT ALL TIMES.  After dinner,

                       students may return to seats to watch game, or they may explore the

                       stadium in pairs or small groups. All students must be back in their seat at

                        the start of the 7th inning, and remain until the Band leaves the stadium.

10:30pm         Approximate - Game Ends

10:45pm         Approximate - Depart Trop

11:15pm         Approximate - Arrive at Seminole HS, unload. 

11:30pm         Approximate - Students dismissed once equipment is unloaded.




**Due to the nature of baseball, end time is approximate – please be flexible. Students

will be reminded to notify parents when we are approaching SHS. Thanks!**