Mandatory Atlanta Parent Meeting

On Tuesday, October 27th, there will be a mandatory meeting for ALL parents of students that will be going on the Atlanta trip. Please report to the Band Room no later than 7:25 pm - we will begin at 7:30 pm and the kids will be joining us shortly afterwards. Once our meeting concludes at 8:10 pm, we will be treated to a runthrough performance by the best band in the land! Please plan to stay and see the show!  :-)

Items to bring with you to the meeting:

1.  $40.00 in cash, please. This is to cover the following meals: 

    Boxed lunch, delivered to practice site on Friday

    Supplies for sandwiches & chips for post-rehearsal on Friday

    Boxed lunch, delivered to practice site on Saturday

    Late night pizza delivery at hotel on Saturday night

    Cases of water for hotel and bus rides

Having cash on hand to pay to delivery person in one lump sum makes it SO MUCH easier than having each student pay individually. :-)

2. A box of individually wrapped snacks for late night, bus rides, etc. (examples: rice krispie treats, fruit snacks, small bags of chips/cheeze its, cookies, granola bars, etc)

3. Your completed Over the Counter Medication Authorization - this allows us to administer OTC meds such as Tylenol, Advil, Benadryl, Tums, etc. to your student, should they need it. Form is attached, and can also be found on our website at