10:45 am        Marching Band students dismissed from 5th period to band room

11:00 am         Marching Band to Cafeteria Courtyard for Pep Rally

·      Playing Stand Tunes

·      No polos or uniforms - standard dress code

11:55 am         Pep Rally is over.  Marching Band members will be given time to get food from the cafeteria and eat.

12:30 pm        Marching Band students continue to 6th period. 

3:00 pm          Band room open; brass shine instruments

5:00 pm          Student Report Time

6:00 pm          Uniform Inspection

6:30 pm          Star Spangled Banner review with Chorus

7:00 pm          Walk to Stadium

7:10 pm          Pre-Game Performance

7:30 pm          Kick off; football game begins

8:45 pm          Approximate:  Half time- Homecoming Festivities, band is dismissed to concessions. Bring Money! ($3-10)

9:15 pm          Approximate:  3rd quarter ends at 5:00 minutes left on time clock.  Return to stands! 

9:45 pm          4th quarter /warm up for post-show performances

10:00 pm        Approximate:  end of game.  

·      Sing Alma Mater with football team

·      Seminole Performance

10:45 pm        Approximate: Return to band room; dismissal.