Friday Footbal Game Itinerary 11/6 @ OHS

4:00 pm          Trucks arrive, QM’s and Prop Students report to begin loading prop.

4:30 pm          Report time, load instruments to semi. Uniform room opened for uniform distribution; glove sales. Brass shine instruments.

5:30 pm          Uniform Inspection

5:45 pm          Load Buses

6:00 pm          Depart SHS

6:30 pm          Arrive at Osceola High School, unload equipment

7:00 pm          Enter stadium

7:30 pm          Kick off; football game begins

8:00 pm          Approximate:  2nd Quarter. Marching band sections warm up.

8:45 pm          Approximate:  Half time- marching band performance by Osceola High School

9:15 pm          Approximate:  3rd quarter privilege. Band sent to the concession stand for food and social time. Bring Money! ($3-10)

10:00 pm        Approximate:  end of game.  Marching Band Performance by Seminole High School

10:15 pm        Approximate:  Load equipment

11:15 pm        Approximate:  depart OHS

11:30 pm        Approximate:  arrive SHS, unload equipment. Students are dismissed only when uniform is properly hung, your instrument/equipment is put away, and facilities are cleaned of trash.

12:15 am        Students Dismissed