The Marching Band Boosters run the concession stand at all our home JV and Varsity football games.  For the past few years, our concession stand has raised about $12,000 per season!  This anticipated profit has already been passed on to each of our marching band members.  Every member’s Fair Share is $100 less than it should have been, thanks to the profits of our stand.  Football season is fast approaching and we need your help.  We have a JV game on Thursday, September 1, and a Varsity game on Friday, September 2, and right now we are desperately short volunteers. Without the proper number of volunteers, we will not be able to open both concession stands and may not be able to sell grilled food, negatively impacting our profits. Please go to the link below and sign up to help.  For more questions, please contact Renee Hall @

Concession Sign-up: