FMBC is a Prelims/Finals event held at Tropicana Field, in which Marching Bands compete from across the entire state, to determine a champion in each class. We will perform first at 2:32pm (this time is subject to change), and depending on the scores and rankings, we will perform again between 8:26 and 9:22pm. On the attached itinerary, you will see time ranges for all items after dinner. The chosen times all depend on placement in Prelims. 

Families are strongly encouraged to attend both Prelims and Finals! This is our last performance of the 2016 show, "MESH" - your student would love to see you in the stands! Prelims cost is $15 per person - 8 and under are free. Finals will require a separate wristband, which costs $20. Parking at the Trop is $15. CASH ONLY FOR WRISTBANDS AND PARKING!


Students will need to come to rehearsal with a packed lunch for the bus ride to the Trop. They will also need money for an early dinner - after Prelims, we will go to a nearby shopping center that houses a Publix, pizza restaurant, McDonalds, Taco Bell, and Burger King. Please send the appropriate amount of money for this meal. Lastly, we will be bringing in a meal for the kids after Finals. We will be collecting $10 for this meal on Tuesday, Nov 8th, following rehearsal. There will be boosters outside the auditorium to collect the money.  Please make sure you send the money with them, as we do not want to see any student go without eating.  Chaperones and Prop Crew will also need to place your order and pay. 


While we will go to the Trop in half dress, after Prelims, we will change into tour shirt and blue jeans. Please make sure all students have these items packed in their Warhawk bags, with appropriate shoes.