FMBC Championships Travel Itinerary

Friday, 11/20

5:00 – 9:00                             Rehearsal – do not load truck

Saturday, 11/21

9:00 am                                   Rehearsal

11:15 am                                Final Run-through of “SLEEP”

11:30 am                                Load Truck (Prop/Instruments/Uniforms)

12:30 pm                                Lunch

1:00 pm                                   Truck Departs for Gaither HS

1:05 pm                                   Half Dress Inspection

1:15 pm                                   Load Buses

1:30 pm                                   Buses Depart for Gaither HS

1:45 pm                                   Truck Arrives Gaither HS/Unload

2:15 pm                                   Buses Arrive Gaither HS/Unload                                                   

3:00 pm                                   Check In

3:14 pm                                   To Warm Up

3:56 pm                                   Gate Time

4:10 pm                                   Prelims Performance

4:24 pm                                   Pictures

4:40 pm                                   Debrief With Staff, Crew & Chaps load truck

4:52 pm                                   Retreat, Seniors and Officers

5:45 pm                                   Retreat Ends, Students load instruments, half dress

6:15 pm                                   Buses depart for Trop

7:00 pm                                   Arrive at Trop, Dinner

7:45 pm                                   Full Uniform, Tune

8:12-9:08 pm                          4A Check In

8:26 pm-9:22 pm                    4A Enter Warm Up

9:08-10:04 pm                        4A Gate

9:22-10:18 pm                        4A Class Finals Performances

9:45-10:30 pm                       Return To Lot, Debrief From Staff

10:00-10:45 pm                     Store/Secure Equipment if time/Snack & Water

10:45 pm                                Band At Gate For Full Retreat (All 25 Finalist Bands)

11:00 pm                                Retreat Ceremony

11:45 pm                                Finals Retreat Ceremony Concludes; Return To Buses

12:00 am                                Final Debrief From Staff With Students

12:30 am                                (Approximate) Buses Depart Trop

1:00 am                                   (Approximate) Arrive SHS/Unload Equipment, Store Uniforms

1:30 am                                   (Approximate) Students Dismissed