5:00pm-8:00pm           Rehearsal – LOAD PROPS, DO NOT LOAD INSTRUMENTS


9:00am                                    Rehearsal Begins

10:15am                      Final Runthrough of “MESH”

10:30am                      Load Trucks (Prop/Instruments)

11:35am                      Inspection

11:40am                      Trucks Depart for Trop

11:45am                      Load Buses

12:00pm                      Buses Depart for Trop – eat packed lunches!

12:15pm                      Trucks Arrive Trop

12:35pm                      Buses Arrive Trop/Unload                             

1:22pm                                    Check In

1:25pm                                    Move to Warmup

1:36pm                                    Warm Up

2:18pm                                    Move To Gate

2:32pm                                    Prelims Performance

2:46pm                                    Pictures, store instruments at truck

3:00pm                                    Retreat, Seniors and Officers

3:45pm                                    Retreat Ends, Move to Truck

4:00pm                                    Debrief from Staff

4:10pm                                    Store Instruments, Change into Tour Shirt & Blue Jeans

4:45pm                         Buses depart for Lunch – NEED MONEY

5:00pm                                    Arrive at Site: Northeast Park Shopping Center

294 37th Ave N, St. Petersburg, FL 33704

Publix, Pizza, Burger King, McDonalds, Taco Bell

6:00pm-7:00pm           Load Buses

6:30pm-7:30pm           Depart for Trop

6:45pm-7:45pm           Arrive at Trop, Full Uniform

7:16pm-8:12pm           4A Check In

7:30pm-8:26pm           4A Enter Warm Up

8:12pm-9:08pm           4A Gate

8:26pm-9:22pm           4A Class Finals Performances

8:40pm-9:40pm           Return To Lot, Debrief From Staff

8:55pm-9:55pm           Load Trucks, Dinner – money will be collected in advance!

11:00pm                      Band At Gate For Full Retreat (All 25 Finalist Bands).

11:14pm                      Retreat Ceremony

11:45pm                      Finals Retreat Ceremony Concludes; Return To Buses

12:00am                      Final Debrief From Staff With Students

12:30am                      (Approximate) Buses Depart Trop

1:00am                        (Approximate) Arrive SHS/Unload Equipment, Store Uniforms

1:30am                        (Approximate) Students Dismissed