FBA Dunedin Itinerary

November 7th - FBA DUNEDIN

5:00 pm                      Student Report Time SHS
                                    (Semi Leaves SHS, Prop Crew to follow)

5:30 pm                      Inspection - Half Dress

5:45 pm                      Load Buses
                                    (Prop Crew unload and assemble)

6:00 pm                      Depart SHS

6:45 pm                      Arrive and unload equipment

7:30 pm                      Warm Up Rotation

8:05 pm                      Gate/Holding

8:15 pm                      Performance

8:30 pm                      Set Retreat Block and visit concessions.
                                    QM/Pit to truck for loading.

9:25 pm                      Retreat Ceremony

10:00 pm                    Back to Buses

10:15 pm                    Load

11:00 pm                    To SHS

11:45 pm                    Arrive, unload

12:30 am                    Students Dismissed