EXISTING VOLUNTEERS – Its Time to Reactivate Your Volunteer Status

The PCS volunteer system has been reset for the new school year and all active volunteers from last year are now reset to “inactive”.   If you plan to volunteer for any band activities, you are required to be an approved, active volunteer with PCS.  Existing volunteers can reactivate their volunteer status online following the steps below, it is quick and easy!

STEP 1           Login to Focus/PCS volunteer site:: https://focus.pcsb.org/volunteer/

STEP 2           Sign on to FOCUS using your v.account (v. last name first initial – all lowercase)

Username Example: v.smithd            

Password Last Name (first letter capitalized) immediately followed by 4-digit birth year. 

Password Example Smith1975          

STEP 3           Answer the questions to activate for the new school year.

STEP 4           LOG OUT in bottom right hand corner

If you have any questions or are having difficulty logging into the Focus system, contact Jackie Brochman at jacquelyn.brochman@duke-energy.com