Dinner for the 9-9 rehearsal on Saturday will be provided by Hungry Howies. (thank you, Bill Kaiser!!) Each student eating will receive 2 slices of cheese or pepperoni pizza, salad, and cinnamon sticks, along with a drink. Cost for this meal is $5, and Renee Hall will collect this on Saturday morning before rehearsal starts. (similar to the process at Band Camp). If your student will be eating pizza, please make sure they notify Meg Hall at the end of practice on Friday night, so that we order the proper amounts. If your student would like more than two slices, they can let Meg know that they'd like to order two meals, and their amount will be $10. If your student does not like pizza, please plan to drop food off for them at 5pm, or have them pack something for dinner.  EVERY student should plan to pack and bring their own lunch for that day. THANKS!