This includes all Marching Band Students! Car Wash this Saturday! 

We need parent and student volunteers and donated and loaned items! 

So far, Palm Auto is completely filled up for both shifts and Advanced Auto is almost filled up!  We still need more chaperones - 4 per shift minimum to help the kids stay safe - and to be in charge of the money.  If everyone participates, students need not volunteer for more than 2 hours!  But if we don't fill all the slots, students may be asked to stay. So students get other students to participate ... SIGN UP!

We have Car Wash Tickets that you can sign out for Pre-Sale! $5 per ticket! Contact Danah Veitenthal for arranging pick up or be at Thursday’s Booster Meeting to get yours. For each ticket sold, $5 goes directly towards your Fair Share. Monies collected at the Car Washes goes into the General Fund.

If you loan an item for use in the car wash, please be sure to mark it with your name in some fashion for easy return.

Danah Veitenthal (727) 475-0427