We have 2 tag days coming up this weekend. Please take a look at the sign ups below.

Saturday – Marching Band, Jazz, Concert, Big Band  -

Sunday – Winter Guard & Indoor Percussion  -


Our Pieology spirit night is tonight, December 13th, and it’s running all day! Please bring in the attached flyer or show it on your phone to receive credit. Feel free to share on your social media page!

Our Bucs tickets fundraiser is now live! $5 from each ticket sale will be donated back to the band. Follow the instructions in the link and use the code WARHAWK to receive credit.

Traditionally we have a bake sale prior to and during the concert. We are asking parents to donate baked goods (store bought or home-baked), individually wrapped and ready for sale. Examples: cookies (2 per bag), brownies (1 per bag), muffins, donuts. The idea is something simple and easy to place in a baggie for sale. We will have a table set-up in front of the auditorium and all items can be dropped there or with a band parent.  If you have any questions email Kim @

If anyone is available to help Kim with the sale please let her know. Thanks!


At the end of December, Lorena LaMee will be resigning from her position as Accounts Receivable Treasurer due to the upcoming birth of her child.  If anyone is interested in filling this position, please contact Lorena or any member of the Executive Board to submit your name for nomination.  If you have any questions about the position itself, please contact Lorena via email  


The Pinellas Park and Seminole Christmas Parades are right around the corner and we’ll need several chaperones for each parade. Please take a look at the schedule and sign up where you can. Keep in mind that these are light parades, so start stocking up on battery powered lights to decorate your student, their instrument and yourself!


Tomorrow, November 28th, we have a mandatory Concert Band Meeting at 7:00 p.m. in the band room. This meeting is for all of the band groups participating in the concert season. There will be a $100 participation pledge collected at the meeting and fairshare will be announced and explained. 

We still have several students who have not turned in their permission slips and meal money. If your students doesn’t have a signed permission slip, they WILL NOT travel. Meal money is $66 and covers all but 2 meals during the trip. Please turn in permission slips and meal money to the blue box. 

We need volunteers to help with water duty during for the shifts below during our last 2 rehearsals before heading to Tennessee. 

Tuesday 2-4 and 4-530

Thursday 2-4 and 4-6 (after practice the coolers will need to be prepared to be loaded onto the trucks for travel)

October link:

November link: 

Thank you for your support!


5:00 pm          SHS Band Report Time


Middle School student arrival – report to Chorus Room. Chaperones will

 walk kids to Aerobics Room.

o   Reception: Aerobics Room

o   Middle School Equipment Storage: Chorus Room

5:45 pm          Middle school students back to Chorus Room, gather equipment

6:00 pm          SHS Uniform Inspection

6:15 pm          Middle School Students join in Band Room

6:30 pm          Warm up; review joint stand tunes

6:45 pm          Play marching band show for SMS/OMS

7:00 pm          Line up; to stadium

7:10 pm          Pregame (National Anthem; Fight Song)

7:30 pm          Kick Off

8:20 pm          Approximate:  Half Time    (Senior Night for Marching Band)

8:45 pm          Approximate:  3rd Quarter Concession Stand Visit- bring $$ ($4-10)

9:15 pm          Approximate:  3rd quarter ends at 5:00 minutes left on time clock. 

            Return to stands! 


9:45 pm          4th quarter- warm up for post-show performances.

10:00 pm        Approximate:  end of game.  

  • Sing Alma Mater with football team
  • Seminole Performance

10:15 pm        Middle School students dismissed from Chorus Room.

10:45 pm        Approximate: Return to band room;  dismissal.