Incoming Students

WELCOME to the Warhawk Band Family!!

Any organization is only as good as its annual influx of incoming members, and Band is no exception! Seminole has always been a mecca of talent, and with strong music programs in our elementary and middle schools – our Freshman class is strong both in numbers and in musical ability.

There are many ways in which we try to acclimate students and parents to our Band Program. It is always our hope that our communications are clear and sufficient to convey our happenings, but we know there will be questions that will remain unanswered. Below are a few programs we have instituted to introduce and orient our new Warhawk Families.

For details on what your student will need to get started, please visit the Events page and pay special attention to the first three events – Forms Night, Marching Band Camp, and Games/Competitions.  

For details on what you can expect as a parent, please visit the Booster page and pay special attention to the last three menu items – Fair Share, Fundraising, and Volunteer.


“Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore.”  - L. Frank Baum

Rookie Meet & Greet

Usually taking place in March, the Rookie Meet & Greet is an informal gathering in which incoming students and their parents are introduced to the prominence and prestige that is the Warhawk Band Program. New families will have the opportunity to see past shows and concerts from our Marching Band, Concert Bands, Indoor Percussion, and Winter Guard, in order to gain a better understanding of what each program strives for.  Mr. Madrinan will present accolades and achievements of each program, Student Leadership will speak about experiences from a student perspective, and questions are encouraged at any time during the evening.

There will be several Board Members present, and during a light dessert social, new families will interact with existing families to welcome them and answer any lingering questions that may exist. Families will have the opportunity to watch a runthrough of the Seminole Indoor Percussion Ensemble, who will be rehearsing for their end-of-season competitions.

Unfortunately, time did not allow us to host a Meet & Greet this year - but dates for the 2018 will be posted when available!


A follow up to the Meet & Greet, Icebreakers will introduce students and parents to the policies and procedures of the Band Program. Icebreakers are broken down into two days – the first being a 6pm-9pm for students. They will meet other kids from their section, participate in “getting to know you” and team building activities, and enjoy performances at a skit night. Light refreshments will be provided at the conclusion of the evening. Parents are encouraged to attend the last hour of Icebreaker, as there will be a very informative parent meeting that discusses the entire program in detail, including fees, schedules, and required items for students.

The second Icebreaker is usually a 9am-3pm for students. They will learn the basics of marching, and rehearse with instructors and Drum Majors. Students should come prepared with the follow

  • A lunch from home
  • Sunscreen
  • A gallon jug filled with cold water
  • Clothing to accommodate both the outside Florida heat, and the chilly indoors of the Band Room

Icebreaker date for 2017 is May 6 from 9am - 5pm. There is only one Icebreaker this year! Parent meeting is at 4pm.