Charms 101

CHARMS is the internet based software program that the Seminole Band Program uses as its database and financial tracking system. Student info is stored in secure files, along with parent and guardian contact info. Charms is used to send mass emails, collect forms, and build the yearly budget. It also houses and tracks all contributions made by individual families, lists fundraising proceeds, and records transfers taken towards Fair Share payments. 

Parents and students can log into their individual Charms ledgers to see all personal transactions. Instructions to log in to individual Charms ledgers are as follows:


  • Start by going to the Charms Office Assistant home page –
  • On the top right side of this page you will see the words "ENTER/LOGIN".
  • Place your mouse over those words and a drop down menu will appear. Move your mouse down and click on the "Parents/Students/Members" hyperlink. This will take you to the login page. 
  • In the center of the page you will see the words "Charms Parent/Student/Member Area".
  • Under those words you will see "Please Enter Your School Code".
  • Under those words there is an empty field where you should type: seminoleband as one word, no spaces.
  • Now move your mouse over the button that says "Enter Charms" and click on it.
  • At the top left side of the next page you will see "Student Area Password: (Case Sensitive!). Under those words there is an empty field where you should type your password. If you do not know your password, please email Stacey at
  • After typing the password, move your mouse over the button that says "ENTER". After you click that button you will then see a page with many icons on it.This is the main parent page.  This will allow you to look at the “public” calendar for our organization, event list, handouts and other files. The “Finances” Icon is where you will find your ledger, which contains all Fair Share donations, fundraising dollars, and Fair Share transfers. 


To download and print these instructions, Click Here.