Booster Board of Directors

The Seminole Warhawk Band Boosters are proud to be the logistic, financial, and volunteer support system behind our first rate Band Program. The Boosters are a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization, and have the same operating standards as any corporation – all while being fully staffed by parent volunteers. They hold monthly meetings and elect a Board of Directors each year.  Furthermore, the President, Vice President, AP Treasurer, AR Treasurer, and Recording Secretary comprise the Executive Board.

If you are a parent of a Band Student – then you are eligible to be a Band Booster!

Meetings are usually held on the third Tuesday of each month, beginning at 7pm. Please stay closely connected to the Calendar in order to stay abreast of any necessary changes. Each student is expected to have at least one parent representative at each Booster Meeting. Minutes from monthly meetings will be emailed to families as soon as possible following each meeting.

Please feel free to contact any of our Booster Board of Directors if you should have any questions – we know there are many components to our Program and are here to help!

“Not the cry, but the flight of a wild bird, leads the flock to fly and follow” –Chinese Proverb

Rebekah Moorehead

The President works closely with the band director to prepare an agenda, before each meeting, of issues to be discussed. They provide oversight of all other Board positions, and appoint committee chairs by the June Board meeting, with the exception of the Election committee, which is appointed in January. These committee chairs will be approved at the appropriate Board meetings by the Board of Directors, hereinafter referred to as the BOD. The President fosters communication with the BOD and Booster membership, is the spokes person representing the organization with the school faculty, and is the primary authorized signer on the Booster account. The president may not sign any written contract without the approval of the BOD.

Vice President
Tim Litteral

In absence of President, Vice President/Travel will be in charge of all meetings. The Vice President is responsible for travel arrangements for all aspects of the band program. This includes marching band, winter guard, indoor percussion, jazz band, all concert bands and spring travel. The Vice President will work closely with the band director to make all travel arrangements for all performance groups, i.e. Marching Band, Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Jazz Band, Winter Guard, etc., and has the authority to appoint a travel committee to assist with travel arrangements as necessary. They work closely with the President and communicate to the remaining Board members. The Vice President may not sign any written contract without the approval of the BOD.

Accounts Receivable Treasurer
Lorena LaMee

The AR Treasurer provides a monthly report to the booster organization. They make all deposits within 7 (seven) calendar days of receipt, enter those deposits into the booster organization accounting software, and record all individual fund raising activities in the appropriate student ledger (i.e., candy sales, tag days, car washes, Tropicana Field games). The AR Treasurer maintains a separate record of individual member volunteer hours at Tropicana field. They work with the Treasurer, Accounts Payable, to obtain monthly P & L report, bank statements, all receipts, check stubs, and file a Form 990 tax return by September 15th of each year. They work with the Accounts Payable Treasurer to obtain an independent audit of the books after July 1st of each year, are an authorized signer on the Booster account along with the President, and properly receipt funds that are turned over to the school in a timely manner.

Accounts Payable Treasurer
Stacey Welton

The AP Treasurer provides a monthly report to the booster organization. They pay all expenses contained in a budget line item as required that is not overspent. Should it be necessary to issue a check with less than 48 hours notice, the requestor shall make arrangements to get the check. The AP Treasurer shall get Board and/or Booster approval before paying for non-budgeted items, shall work with the AR Treasurer to file the booster tax return by September 15th of each year, and shall work with the AR Treasurer to obtain an independent financial review of the books after July 1st of each year. They are an authorized signer on the Booster account, and along with the President Shall be responsible for the annual corporate filing with the State of Florida by April 1st of each year. They pay salary and clinician checks to instructional staff monthly and as requested by director. They create and update Winter Guard and Indoor Percussion budgets in November, with the final budget for each program to be passed by general membership. The AP Treasurer will submit OSO required financial statement and copy of bank statement to Principal monthly, and provide copy of new budget to school principal yearly along with FYE budget. They will submit application for PTA liability and general insurance coverage to county PTA liaison once booster president attends yearly PTA seminar. They include riders on insurance policy and communicate with AIM Insurance for Seminole Sound, Tropicana Field and other special events requiring such. They balance the bank statement and prepare P&L monthly, order cash from bank 1 week prior to large events (Seminole Sound and Seminole Visual) and football game concessions, and sign new signature cards at bank after FYE (June 30), and bring copy of booster minutes showing new slate of officers. The AP Treasurer obtains cash box from SHS prior to band concerts, sells tickets and returns cash box to SHS bookkeeper the next day. They keep and update all spreadsheets, give monthly financial update at board and booster meetings, calculate and pay Sales Tax to Florida Department of Revenue quarterly, and keep track of 1099 amounts from all instructional staff, clinicians, drill designers, music arrangers and all those receiving more than $600 from January to January. They then provide this information to Contract Secretary. The outgoing treasurer (s) is responsible for putting the financial records in order at FYE. This includes: Checkbook, bank statements and all unused checks, bank statements, financial report, receipts of all bills paid, budget, form 990.

Recording Secretary
Tim Hollaway

The Recording Secretary shall record the minutes of all band and booster meetings. Minutes will be distributed within one week of the meeting. They keep attendance at all Board and Booster meetings, and are responsible for maintaining the Booster roster and sharing it with the BOD and committees as appropriate.

Fundraising Officer
Danah Veitenthal

The Fundraising Officer is responsible for receiving and recording all funds raised and works closely with AR Treasurer to keep income figures up to date. They shall oversee all fundraising efforts by the Band and/or Boosters, are responsible for coordinating all fundraising efforts by the Band and/or Boosters with the exception of Special Events, and shall plan a yearly schedule of activities and present to the Board for approval. They will maintain a written record of all fundraising activities, complete with contact persons for outside vendors (Entertainment Books, Yankee Candle, etc), dates for the activity, participants in the activity with the student’s name of the Booster participating in the activity, amounts of product sold by individual Booster and funds raised by the activity. The Fundraising Officer will receive and maintain a written record of all funds raised and work closely with AR Treasurer to keep income figures up to date. They will turn in cash / checks to Treasurers for all fundraising activities within one week of receiving such, shall complete school activity request forms and submit to the Band Director, who shall in turn submit these to the office personnel responsible for such activities at the school. Activity requests should be submitted at least 4 weeks in advance whenever possible. Other paperwork required by the Pinellas County School Board shall be completed by the Fundraising Chair as deemed appropriate by the Band Director. They are responsible for coordinating all activity as it pertains to the Booster organization operating a concession stand at Tropicana Field as a volunteer organization and attend the yearly manager’s meeting of all leaders from the participating organizations. They complete all paperwork required by the concessionaire for participating at Tropicana Field, provide training for all Boosters new to participation at Tropicana Field, and hold periodic managers meetings for the purpose of manager sign-up and discussion of stand operations. They distribute and maintain sign-up lists for each game via Sign-Up Genius or other approved process, and develop, update, and distribute Volunteer Handbook for all Boosters volunteering at Tropicana Field. They shall form a Fundraising Committee or solicit assistance in conducting all fundraising activities as deemed appropriate.

Corresponding Secretary
Chelsea Ferraro

The Corresponding Secretary sends all emails for new events/important information and forwards sensitive issues to Band Director and President for approval prior to sending. Once approved, Corresponding Secretary will send the message to booster email list. Letters of gratitude to any businesses who have donated will be sent by the Corresponding Secretary when using the Band logo. Corresponding Secretary shall be responsible for handling all general correspondence, i.e. email, phone tree, sunshine committee (thank you cards and flowers on behalf of the Boosters) and post messages in the Band Facebook page as reminder/supplement to the emails. Also, check the page to see if others are posting information there that should go out via email.

As a courtesy, when sending items to the Corresponding Secretary, items must be sent at least 24 hours in advance of when the Boosters will receive them.

Contracts Officer
Angie Justice

The Contracts Officer shall be responsible for working with the Band Director and Treasurers to maintain adequate records on independent contractors for the booster organization. They shall provide necessary tax forms to independent contractors including 1099s. All personnel in the position of instructor or providing services such as design or music scores may file a W9 and any required contracts with the Contracts Secretary prior to receiving monetary compensation. This would apply to any of the above mentioned receiving more than $600 in payments. The Contracts Officer shall work with the Band Director and Treasurers to assure the timely communication of contract related information with independent contractors.

Chad Ford

The Parliamentarian updates band Standard Operating Procedures as needed. They oversee yearly band booster elections, and shall be present and monitor all Board meetings to ensure compliance with by-laws. They shall review bylaws at least once a year to assure business is being conducted within the limits of the Articles of Incorporation. The Parliamentarian will facilitate the smooth running of all booster meetings. For specific questions, reference to Robert's Rules of Order is suggested.

Special Events Officer
Kim Bernstein

Shall oversee the assembly of committees to organize all special events including but not limited to: Seminole Sound, Seminole Visual Spectacular, Soiree, Senior Night, Band Banquet and/or any other special events that may take place.

Member at Large
Kelly Cashman

The Member at Large shall act as the representative of each performing ensemble of band organization on the BOD. They shall provide information pertinent to each performance group to the BOD and Booster organization, and shall solicit a parent representative for each group as necessary to assist with duties.